Student Games

The following are game projects that I developed while studying at the Digipen Institute of Technology.  Follow the “continue reading…” link in each game listing for more information and media (screenshots/movies).


Blank logoBlank is a third-person puzzle platformer where you control an Inkman who has the power to draw and erase platforms that allow him to advance in the blank canvas world.  It was developed in C++ and DirectX with four other programmers and six artists.  The game was the result of a necessary shift of focus from our previous game, Solus, but much of the technology from Solus was reused in Blank.

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Solus is a third-person action game where your character has the ability to “purge jump”. This ability allows the character to pull himself to a special object and launch himself far across the area by purging the special object with an awesome explosion. This game is being developed in C++ and DirectX.

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S.I.C.K. is a real-time strategy game where you control your body’s white blood cells and fighting against an invading infection army.

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2D Domineering Game

The 2D Domineering Game was a solo project written in C# that allows one or two players to play a game of Domineering on a 8×8 board.

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Vert-Shooter DS

One of the benefits of studying at Digipen was the opportunity to work with a Nintendo DS development kit.  I learned how to draw on the system’s dual screens and use its touch-screen capabilities.  I developed a vertical space-shooter prototype on the development kit, but I am unfortunately unable to provide code samples or screenshots from this prototype because of a non-disclosure agreement I signed as a condition to work on the development kit.

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