2D Domineering Game

The 2D Domineering Game was a solo project written in C# that allows one or two players to play a game of Domineering on a 8×8 board.  In Domineering, two players take turns placing domino pieces that cover two spaces on the board. One player is restricted to playing pieces horizontally across the board, while the other player is restricted to playing pieces vertically across the board. The player who makes the last legal move wins.

My goal for this project was to create an A.I. that used the “best-play” strategies commonly used to ensure a victory in a 2-player Domineering game.  The A.I. checks its list of remaining legal moves and attempts to reserve spaces (play a piece that blocks the opposing player from playing on the board).  To contrast this abilities of this A.I., I also included a simple A.I. that simply places pieces randomly on the board.


The following are screenshots of the 2D Domineering Game. Each thumbnail links to a larger version of the image.

Download This Game

This C# application is available for download. The zip file contains the executable to play the game and a readme text file for instructions.